Christmas On Windmill Way

Premieres Saturday, December 2 at 8/7c

In Christmas on Windmill Way, Mia Meijer (Taylor Brown) excitedly anticipates the town’s Christmas Market Dutch Bake-Off competition and is filled with confidence that her Oma, Ann, will win the top “Golden Rolling Pin” prize with her award-winning Kerststol when she learns Oma has difficult news to share. For a more secure financial future, Ann had to sell the land deed to their Windmill Way property that had been in their family for generations. It’s an especially tough pill for Mia to swallow when she learns the overseeing Property Developer is her former boyfriend, Brady Schaltz (Michael Murray), who also must let Mia and Ann know that a new deal has come into play. Initially thought to be safe, the Meijer family-owned heritage Dutch sawmill, renowned for the past 90 years for its fine millwork and beautiful wooden furniture, will be torn down to put up a luxurious resort.

Starring Chad Michael Murray and Christa Taylor Brown

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