In A Christmas Miracle for Daisy, Whitney and Connor bond while decorating for Christmas. With the guide below, you can deck your halls, inside and out, with a little inspiration from the movie!


  1. 1. A big bow will brighten any window or door. Or use it to dress up your snowman!
  1. 2. You can still have a white Christmas even when skies are clear. Opt for a friendly garden figurine.
  1. 3. Show your Christmas spirit to the whole street with garlands wrapped around a fence or post.
  1. 4. When decorating outside, a hat and scarf are essential for keeping you…and your snowman…warm.
  1. 5. Assorted ornaments at the front door provide a pop of personality when welcoming guests.


  1. 6. Seasonal mugs should always be available for a quick cup of cocoa, cider, or tea.
  1. 7. A holiday staple and centerpiece, you can’t forget about the Christmas tree!
  1. 8. Ribbons and bows can add some extra magic to your festive décor.
  1. 9. With holly, ivy, and mistletoe accents about, your room will exude charm from every corner.
  1. 10. Cute Christmas toys have a cheerful effect for kids and adults alike!

In the comments below, tell us about how you are decorating as Christmas approaches!

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